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For any institutional use, an appropriate institutional license must be purchased. Video-on-demand purchases and rentals are available for Black and Cuba at Vimeo on Demand. Purchase of a DVD at the Home Use License price constitutes the purchaser’s agreement to the following terms of use. In consideration for payment received, the Licensor (Progressive Pupil) will send the Licensee (the purchaser) a DVD of the title purchased and grants them the right to screen the purchased DVD to friends and family in private, i.e. non-institutional settings, for the useful life of the DVD. The Licensee agrees that they will not rent, sell or donate this DVD to any individual, institution or organization nor allow it to be screened as part of any program of formal instruction, professional practice, in-service training, public advocacy or as a performance open to the general public (public performance). Explicitly excluded from this grant of rights is the right to copy the purchased DVD, to encode its contents into a digital file or to deliver its content by broadcast, cablecast, internet or any form of digital delivery.

This offer contains:

-Black and Cuba DVD

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